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Wide Choices of Services available only at Ortiz Medical Skin Clinic
Acne Treatment

Is A Form Of Facial Treatment That Effectively Treats Acne By Scrubbing, Steaming, Pricking And Uses Glycolic Cream And Facial Mask. Final Step Uses Cryotherapy To Close The Pores.

Back Peeling Promo

Avail Our Back Peeling Promo On Selected Branches And Get More Summer Ready!

Botolinum Toxin (Euronox)

<P>A Botolinum Toxin (Euronox)&Nbsp;Injection Is A Minor Procedure That Treats Lines And Wrinkles Of The Face And Neck. An&Nbsp;Injection Contains Botulinum Toxin, A Neurotoxin That Relaxes Muscles To Smooth Out Lines And Wrinkles. Euronox&Nbsp;Temporarily Creates A More Youthful And Fresh Appearance.</P> <P>&Nbsp;</P>

starts at P5000
Co2 Fractional Laser

<P>Is A Laser Technology To Help Restore Your Skin To Its Original, Perfect Texture And Achieves Smoother, Fresher, Younger Looking Skin, Improved Tone And Texture, Smaller Pores, Erasing Of Unwanted Brown Spots, Acne Scars, And Surgical Scars, And Reduces Fine Lines. It Has Longer Downtime, But Optimum Results.</P>

Derma Fillers

<P>Densified Collagen&Nbsp;Dermal Fillers In Different Molecular Weights, May Help To Plump Up Any Skin Region. It Is Sometimes Called Soft Tissue Fillers. These&Nbsp;Are Substance&Nbsp;Designed To Be Injected Beneath The Surface Of The Skin To Add Volume And Fullness And To&Nbsp; Fill In Or Soften Static Wrinkles, Especially On The Lower Face. Treatment Is Done Using A Fine Needle&Nbsp;Under Local Anaesthesia If Applicable.</P> <P>&Nbsp;</P>

start at P20,000

<P>Is An Aseptic Procedure Under Local Anaesthesia That Uses Small Needles In A Roller To Prick The Skin. The Purpose Of Treatment Is To Generate New Collagen And Skin Tissue For Smoother, Firmer, More Toned Skin By Producing Inflammatory Reactions. Microneedling Is Use&Nbsp;On The Face And Elsewhere To&Nbsp;Treat Various Scars, Wrinkles, And Large Pores.</P>

P2,500.00 (alone) per session
Diamond Peel

He Diamond Peel Process Will Also Minimize The Appearance Of Acne Scars, Stretch Marks, And Pigmentations. Removes Blackheads. The Pores Are Also Tightened And Blackheads Will Be Removed. Improves Skin Conditions

Eyebrow Tattoo- Microblading

<P><Em>Microblading</Em>&Nbsp;Is A Semi-Permanent Makeup Treatment That Helps Create Fuller Looking<Em>&Nbsp;Eyebrows.&Nbsp;</Em></P>

Facial Rejuvenation Series

With Electrolytes For Eyebags. Bio Electrodes Microcurrent For Face. Rfairbrush Stem Cell Spray. Cryo For Pore Minimizing

Flawless Drip

4 + 1 P25K Save P5K Glutathione 7000Mg <P>Collagen</P> <P>Vitamins E,B,C</P> <P>Immuno Booster</P>

Galvanic Stem Cell

<P>The Micro Massage Treatments Stimulate Deep Under The Skin&#39;S Surface, So The Treated Area Will Not Be Aggravated In Any Way. It Can Be Used To Heal Acne Scars, Anti-Aging, Skin Tightening, Eliminate Wrinkles And Fine Lines, Buff&Nbsp;And Tone Up The Skin And Reduce Puffy Eye Bags Appearance And Dark Circles.</P>

Hydra Facial

<P>Our Hydra Facial Is Commonly Known As Oxygen Facial. A Combination Of Cleaning, Suction And Galvanic Treatment With An&Nbsp;Option Of Cryo Or Radio Frequency. Final Step Is The Application Hydro Solution. Results That Makes Your Skin Glow To The Fullest.</P>


Instalift Is Another Non-Surgical Offering That Lifts And Contours The Face. Initially Valued At P3,500 Oer Session, Save Up To P4,000 By Availing Our Instalift 4+1 Sessions For Only P10,000!

Ipl Hair Reducer

<P>Is A Popular Hair Reducer&Nbsp;Treatment That Delays&Nbsp;Hair Growth.&Nbsp;Ipl Does Not Use A Laser Light Source But Instead Uses A Broad Spectrum High-Intensity Light That Emits Light At Multiple Wavelengths That Sets In Pre Determined Scheduled Time Visitations Of Clients And Patients, Eventually Vanishes Hair Growth By Shortening Their Phases Of Growth.</P>

Iv Drip Injection

<P>Intravenous Procedure That Involves&Nbsp;Infusion Thru Iv Drip Of Glutathione, Collagen, And/Or Vitamin C. Likewise, A Cocktail Drip Are Also Available In Wide Array Of Iv Drips Mixture Of Rejuvenating Fluids Suitable With Your Health Status And Medical Conditions Extending To Amino Acids And Even Immunomodulators.</P> <P>&Nbsp;</P>

P3500 starts at
Iv Push

<P>10 + 1 Sessions P10K Save P1K</P> <P>Glutathione 600 Mg</P> <P>Vit C</P>

Korean Bb Glow Treatment

<P>&Nbsp;A Form Of Facial That Uses Natural Facial Peels And Radiance Boosting Serum And Creams To Brighten And Even Out Skin Tone. Natural Enzymes And Botanical Extracts Melt Away Dull Skin Cells And Stimulate Cell Renewal For A Supple, Refreshed And Radiant Appearance. It Is Recommended For People With Dark Skin Tone And Also For Reduction The Appearance Of Freckles And Skin Discoloration Caused By Acne And Photo-Aging Process.</P>

P5000 per session
Lipo Cavitation

<P>Is A Form Of Fat Reduction Treatment That Is Gaining In Popularity Because Of Its Notable Advantages Over Other Fat Loss And Fat Reduction Treatments. It Does Not Require Any Surgery Therefore It Is Non-Invasive And It Is By Far A Safer Alternative To Other Means Of Fat Removal.&Nbsp;Hundred Percent&Nbsp;Absolutely No Downtime. For Optimum&Nbsp;Result, Consult Our Clinic Staff.</P>

P500.00/15 Minutes
Mega Gluta

<P>5 + 1 Sessions P21K Save P6K</P> <P>Glutathione 5000Mg</P> <P>Collagen</P> <P>Vit E</P> <P>&Nbsp;</P>


<P>Mesotherapy Is A Technique That Uses Injections Of Organic&Nbsp;Extracts To Rejuvenate And Tighten Skin, As Well As Remove Excess Fat. &Nbsp;It Is Used To Remove Fat In Areas Like The Stomach, Thighs, Buttocks, Hips, Legs, Arms, And Face, Reduce Cellulite, Fade Wrinkle And Lines, Tighten Loose Skin And Recontour The Body.</P>

P1500 per session
N-Dyag Laser (Alpha Laser)

<P>Is A Form Of Cosmetic Laser Commonly Used For Anti-Aging Skin Treatments. It Resurfaces Your Skin To Remove Moderate Facial Wrinkles, Surface Scars, Or&Nbsp;Skin Discolorations.&Nbsp; Best For Pore Minimizing, Pigmentation, Oily Skin, Freckles And Fine Lines.</P>

P3500 per session
Neck Line And Stretch Marks Removal

Necklines Often Show Effects Of Gravity To Everyone, Thus, Indicating Aging. Enerjet Offers A Safer Approach On Having It Minimized.

STARTS AT 20,000
Omega Light

<P>Is A Non-Surgical Skin Renewal&Nbsp;Machine&Nbsp;That Reverses The Signs Of Ageing By Utilizing The Proven Healing Power Of Light. Suitable For Skin Healing, Wrinkle Removal, Scar Reduction, Acne Treatment And More. It Contains Four&Nbsp;Different Colored&Nbsp;Therapy Lights That Emits Different Wavelength Of Photo Energy, Combined For Treatment.</P>

P299 / per 15 mins
Oxygen Facial

For Skin Rejuvenation And Hydrating

Penile Implants

<P>Choice Of Silicon&Nbsp;Implant Or Temporary Collagen Fillers.</P>

Perfect Trio

<P>Pentagon</P> <P>Fraxel</P> <P>Ndyag</P> <P>Bb Glow</P> <P>Omega Light (10 Mins Rl, 30 Mins Rubbing (100 2/2))</P>

Perfect Duo Set A

<P>Ndyag</P> <P>Bb Glow</P> <P>Omega Light (10 Mins.) Yellow Light For Pinkish Glow</P>

Perfect Duo Set B

<P>Ndyag</P> <P>Instalift (8 Ret (L),8 Ret (R) Power 10)</P> <P>Omega Light (10 Mins Yl) For Tightening</P> <P>&Nbsp;</P>

Perfect Duo Set C

<P>Pentagon (30 Mins Rubbing)</P> <P>Instalift (8 Ret (L), 8 (R), Power 20)</P> <P>Omega Light (10 Mins Rl)</P> <P>Fraxel (100 2/2) For Scarring/ Lifting</P> <P>&Nbsp;</P>

Perfect Duo Set D

<P>Pentagon (30 Mins Rubbing)</P> <P>Bb Glow</P> <P>Omega Light (10 Mins Rl)</P> <P>Fraxel (100 2/2)</P> <P>&Nbsp;</P>

Perfect Slim

4 + 1 P12000 Save P5500Meso Slim And Rf Strongly Increases Loipolysis And Reduction Of Cellulite. Acts On Decreasing Thickness And Volume Of Fat Cells. Prevents Adipocytes From Growth And Lipid Storage

Radio Frequency (Rf)

<P>Is An Aesthetic Technique That Uses Rf Energy To Heat Tissue And Stimulate Subdermal Collagen Production In Order To Reduce The Appearance Of Fine Lines And Loose Skin. By Manipulating Skin Cooling During Treatment, Rf Can Also Be Used For Heating And Reduction Of Fat.</P>

P500.00/15 Minutes
Red Light

<P>The Red Led Light Works Like A Laser, Targeting Cells Beneath The Skin&Rsquo;S Surface And Stimulating Them So That They Produce New Collagen And Fight Off Breakout Causing Bacteria. It Accelerate Blood Circulation, Relieve Acne Scars, Atopy, Athlete&Rsquo;S Foot, Psoriasis And Used Fort Pain Relief.</P>

P500.00/15 Minutes
Sakura Drip

<P>4 + 1 Sessions P25K Save P5K</P> <P>Contains The Maximum Concentration Of Skin Lightening Agents With Immune Booster, Vit C, Collagen And Vit B</P>

P6000 /session

<P>Sclerotherapy Is A Dermatology&Nbsp;Procedure In Clinic Used To Eliminate Varicose Veins And Spider Veins Permanently. Sclerotherapy Involves Shrinking&Nbsp;The Vein. The Solution Interacts With&Nbsp;The Inner Lining Of The Blood Vessel, Causing It To Decrease Its Lumen.</P>

P2500 per cc
Shock Wave Or Swlift

Explore Your Skin Potentialsg With Our Latest Offering, The Swliftor Shock Wave Lift Which Uses Enerjet 2.0 Technology. Enerjet Kinetic Facelift Treatment Has Met Demands Of Knifeless Facelift - Instant Results -With Its Minimal To No Downtime Promise. Get That Consultation Now With Dr. Jen Ortiz, In Your Preferred Branch!

P200/ SHOT
Signature Facial

<P>Our Special Signature Facial Is A&Nbsp;Combination Of Facial Cleaning, Pricking With Anti-Biotic, Whitening Mask, Diamond Peel, Galvanic Treatment, Cryotherapy And Vitamin C Serum Application.</P>

Skin Peeling

<P>Uses Glycolic Peel Solution, It Is A Type Of Chemical Peel, Is One Of The Most Popular&Nbsp;Solutions For Anyone Who Suffers From Common Skin Conditions. These Conditions, Such As Acne, Wrinkles, Age Spots Or Uneven Colouration And Tone, Can All Be Treated.</P>

Slimming Ion

<P>Slimming Ion- &Nbsp;15 Minute Procedure Per Body Area Of Your Choice. It Tones The Muscles You&#39;Ve Already Built In Shape, While At The Same Time Decreasing Deposits Of Fat. To Achieve A Sexy And Toned Body With This Treatment.</P>

P499.00/15 MINS.
Super Gluta

Glutathione 1.2 Mg. Collagen. Vit C

Ultrasound Lift ( Ultherapy Merz)

<P>Is The Only Non-Invasive Procedure Us Fda-Cleared To Lift Skin On Different Parts Of Your Face, Neck, Under The Chin. It Uses Time-Tested Layer Specific Ultrasound Energy To Lift And Tighten The Skin&Nbsp;Without Surgery Or Downtime. It Helps To Improve The Appearance Of Lines And Wrinkles On The D&Eacute;Colletage.</P>

Vaginal Tightening And Restoration

<P>Your Choice Of Surgical Or Non-Surgical Vaginal Tightening. External Flower Arrangement Is Optional Add-Ons If. Estrogenization Of Pudendum May Also Be Availed If Clinically Qualified.&Nbsp;</P>

Vampire Facial Procedure (Vf Prp)

<P>A Vampire Facial Is A Combination Of Micro-Needling And Platelet Rich Plasma (Prp). Prp Is A Concentrate Portion Of That&Nbsp;Fluid&Nbsp;Derived&Nbsp;After&Nbsp;Uncoagualted Whole Blood&Nbsp;Has Been Processed By Pre Determined Spin Time&Nbsp;In A Temperature Controlled Clinical Laboratory Centrifuge To Remove Other Red And Nucleated Cells.</P>

starts at P10,000
Victory Face Lift (V-Lift 0-1)

<P>Perfected By Dr Jennifer M. Ortiz For Her Exclusive Number Of Patients Who Enjoy And Maintain The Craft Mastered.v-&Nbsp;Lift 0-1 Is A &Nbsp;Non Invasive Facial Lift Theory&Nbsp;That Harmonizes&Nbsp;Horizontal Fascial Focused Ultrasound, Thread Lifting&Nbsp;And Concoctions Of Biosera With&Nbsp;Selective Density Collagen Formula Conducted By Our&Nbsp;Dermatologist In Her Opera According To Patient&#39;S Condition And Clinical Presentation.</P>

starts at PhP15,000.00
Warts Removal

The Principle Of Warts Removal By Electrocautery, Which Utilize Electricit To Generate Heat Thru The Needle, That Touches The Verrucous Skin Lesions. The Verruca Will Burn And Carbonized.electrocautery Can Also Be Used To Remove Other Growths On Your Skin Including Ano-Genital Areas. <P>&Nbsp;</P> <P>&Nbsp;</P>

Whitening Treatment

<P>Uses Bleaching Mask Per Area. For Optimum Bleaching, It Can Be Applied And Let It Dry For 15 Minutes Or Overnight.&Nbsp;</P>

Wing V Cosmetic Surgery Package

<P>#Medicaltourism&Nbsp;Clients,&Nbsp;A&Nbsp;Companion&Nbsp;Coming&Nbsp;To Manila,&Nbsp;This Premium Package Of Accommodations*,3 Luzon&Nbsp;Tour Packages*&Nbsp;And&Nbsp;Out Patient Cosmetic Surgery Comprise Of Nose Lift, V&Nbsp;Lift, Vampire Procedure,&Nbsp;Blepharoplasty,Option Of Breast Augmentation (For Hospital Admission), 30&Nbsp;Sessions&Nbsp;Transferrable&Nbsp;Of Rf, Lipocavi, Ipl, Facial, Diamond Peel, Galvanic,&Nbsp;Bleaching, Red Light And Slimming Ion&Nbsp;(+63)9988881580.</P>